The 2019 group photo with instructors Kelly Fordon, Michael Zadoorian, Allison Downey, director John D. Lamb, Irina Reyn and Robert Fanning across the front row.
The 2018 group photo had to be taken inside because of rain. In the front row are instructors Jack Ridl, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Emily Rose, Kathleen McGookey, Cecilia Woloch, Michael Zadoorian and director John D. Lamb.
In 2017, the instructors on the front row were, from the left, Craig Holden, Anne-Marie Oomen, Whit Hill, director John D. Lamb, Jack Ridl and Maureen Dunphy.
Coats were necessary for the 2016 group photo. From the left in the front row are director John D. Lamb and instructors Jim Schaefer, Dorrianne Laux, Kelly Fordon, Jack Ridl, Irina Reyn and, in the fur hat, Lydia Lohrer. One of Lydia's children is in front of her.

Lost Lake Writers Retreats of the Past

Inspiration Alcona included writing workshops in its Alcona Arts Retreats for several years, then split off the Alcona Writers Retreat in 2014 and 2015. But the real fun began when Springfed Arts, with director John D. Lamb, joined Inspiration Alcona as cosponsor of the new Lost Lake Writers Retreat in 2016.

Springfed Arts does year-round writing classes in the Detroit metro area and John has previous experience running summer writing retreats and his quarter-century-old Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters.

The combination has produced retreats with exciting authors, as seen in the photos on this page, and a host of writers from pure novices to already-published participants.