John D. Lamb

John, who acts as director of the Lost Lake Writers Retreat, is an icon of the Midwest music scene, performing since 1980 when he was a journalism major at Central Michigan University. He's completed four albums and performs regularly throughout the metro Detroit area.

He also founded and remains the director of the annual Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters, which will celebrate its 27th year a month after the 2021 Lost Lake Writers Retreat.

John serves as the executive director of Springfed Arts, which holds writing classes in the metro Detroit area year-round. Springfed is Inspiration Alcona's partner in the Lost Lake Writers Retreat.

John's 2007 CD, "Feel That," won the Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording.  

"With a laid-back, made-in-Detroit drawl, his voice and lyrics invite comparisons to populist songwriters ranging from Mellencamp to Steve Earle, with roots buried in the heart of the country,"  wrote Robert Downes in Traverse City's Northern Express Weekly.

The video on this page features John singing live at Lost Lake Woods Club, the retreat venue, in an earlier appearance.