Colleen calls this pendant a doodle owl.
Silver earrings with hibiscus flowers on the leaves.
A Michigan pendant decorated in swirls.
A Bee Happy pendant

Silver Jewelry Making
with Colleen Wilson

Create several pieces of your own unique silver jewelry in this workshop. Each student will take home pendants, earring sets or other small works of their own art. 

Expand your own handmade jewelry collection, or craft personalized gifts for your family and friends.

This method of making jewelry uses Precious Metal Clay (PMC3), a clay-like material containing elemental silver and a binding agent. Students will carve, press, mold or otherwise push their own designs (or those supplied by their instructor) into the clay. Firing the clay in a kiln burns off the binder in a matter of hours, leaving a pure silver object in the shape of the student’s design. 

No previous experience is needed. All the necessary equipment, supplies and a 25-gram pack of PMC3 are included in the $75 materials fee for this class.

Your instructor, Colleen Wilson of Riverview, Michigan, has been working in metal clay jewelry since 2001 and has been a certified instructor in the technique since 2008. She is a member of the Downriver Arts and Crafts Guild and an active supporter of the arts in the Downriver area. Among other awards, Colleen won first place in the 2010 Metal Clay Today Season of Giving contest. See more about her and more of her own work at her website,

All levels of experience. Class limit is 9 to meet current state covid rules. Should the rules change, the class limit will be 12 students.

A $75 materials fee is due at the retreat.