"Life Cycle"

Experimental Watercolor
with Cindy Evans

At the Alcona Arts Retreat, Cindy will lead students to "explore techniques that can be used to enhance your painting experience. We will focus on ways to put more of yourself in your work, to tell stories and create unique interpretations of ideas and subjects using this visual language.

"Specifically, this workshop uses tea staining, imprinting and rice paper collage. Tea staining works much like the longtime tradition of tie-dying; but it uses watercolor paper and tea.  It creates wonderful soft patterns that can be interpreted using imagination to find imagery and use our artist’s vision to see and develop a painting. In addition, we will have exercises to create form, shape and texture with watercolor and collage for enhancing the mood and message.

"This workshop will provide opportunity for artists who want to jump-start their creative process, see subjects and ideas with a unique artist’s eye and find ways to interpret the story of the piece renewing a love of discovery, taking chances and the joy of the painting process."

All the images on this page are done with this technique.

Cindy, who lives in Williamston, Michigan, specializes in watercolor and mixed media paintings. Her work is exhibited in local and regional galleries and shows and in private and public collections.

“I want to involve my viewers, to entice them through some realism while leaving some up to their imagination. ... My motivation to paint is that love of how water and color moves on the paper, the challenge to bring what happens to a successful conclusion, and to bring attention to the beauty in nature, scripture and the art of storytelling.”

Cindy has won awards from the Mid-Michigan Art Guild, the Red River Watercolor Society, the Michigan Watercolor Society, the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society, as well as the Watercolor Artist Magazine.

Cindy is a member or the Shiawassee Arts Council, the Michigan Watercolor Society, the American Watercolor Society, the Red River Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. Her work is on display in galleries in Lansing, Traverse City and Gaylord.

See more of Cindy's work at caevansart.com.

All levels of experience. Class limit is 12 students.