Your path to the Lost Lake Woods gate

Your destination is Lost Lake Woods Club, eight miles north of Lincoln in Alcona County, Michigan. Use the Google gadget below to find a suggested way for you to get to the retreat from your starting point.

Be careful if you use other direction-finders: They are likely to mislead you when you near Lost Lake Woods Club. Two errors that we're aware of are particularly likely to confuse you:

First, if you come from the south and have started north on F-41 (Barlow Road), many direction-finders will urge you to enter the club on what they will call "Badger Road." Badger Road does not exist except as an internal road for the farm south of Lost Lake Woods Club; no public entrance exists, and Badger Road has no access to Lost Lake Woods Club. The real entrance road is Fox Road, about a mile north of where Badger Road would be if Badger Road existed.

Second, if you have come north on M-65, then east on M-72, many gadgets will tell you to turn north on Hubbard Lake Road. Do not make this turn; the next direction if you do so is to turn east on Sucker Creek Road, which is a dirt road with many sharp turns, potential wet spots and many careless deer. Simply continue east on M-72 to Barlow Road (F-41) and proceed as above.

Whether you are coming north or south on F-41, you'll know you are close when you see the distinctive red fence posts with white tops you can see in the photo above.

When you arrive at the gate shown above, that's Fox Road; go to the lane closest to the guardhouse shown in the photo above. As you pull up to the gate, you'll see a box on the driver's side that will help you get in.

First, push the PHONE button, then press 1111 to speak to the lodge office. The clerk there will ask your name and why you want to enter. Say your name and that you are with the Alcona Arts Retreat. The clerk will raise the gate for you.

Follow Fox Road about 20 blocks through the subdivision until it dead-ends near Badger Lake. The lodge, where Inspiration Alcona events occur, is to your left at the top of the hill.

If your starting point allows it, consider driving to Alcona County via U.S.-23, which offers many views of Lake Huron along the way. If you have time to sightsee, you might want to visit the website, which shows many of the interesting spots along the road, as well as an events calendar.