Harrisville Pocket Park Project

Inspiration Alcona is fiduciary agent for the Harrisville Pocket Park project, a landscaped area to be built in the space on East Main Street between the railroad tracks and the former Richards Pharmacy. The park will be a place to rest and play for all ages and a reason for travelers to stop in Harrisville.

Funds to purchase the park area have already been raised and paid to the former owner, and the ownership has been transferred to the city of Harrisville, which will maintain the park once it's finished.

You can help make this vision a reality by buying a commemorative brick in honor or in memory of a person or an event or by donating (without buying a brick) through Inspiration Alcona.

To buy a commemorative brick, you'll need to mail in the printable form accessed through the button below. The brick producer insists on the form, so a brick order cannot be processed online. The mailing address is on the form.

In the first image below you can see the two sizes of bricks available, four by eight inches or eight by eight inches. Next is the selection of clip art images you can add to either size for $5. Last is another idea, a child's handprint.

Four-by-eight bricks, which hold three lines of text, cost $70, or $75 with clip art.

Eight-by-eight bricks, which hold five lines, cost $100, or $105 with clip art.

Eight-by-eight bricks with a child's handprint, the child's name and the year of donation, cost $130.

Click the button below for a printable form to place your order.
Mail-in Form
If you prefer to make a donation without buying a brick, you may do so in any amount through the PayPal donation button below or through the mail. Because Inspiration Alcona is a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization, your donation is tax-deductible within the limits allowed under applicable laws.

To mail a donation, send a check to Inspiration Alcona, PO Box 506, Lincoln, MI 48742. Please write "Pocket Park" on the memo line so we'll get your money to the right account.

To donate with a credit card or PayPal, use the button below.

If you have questions about a donation, please call 989-736-3000 or send email to info@InspirationAlcona.org.