Upcoming events

Despite the current corona virus-related crisis, we're optimistic that the crisis will pass within a few months, so we are planning to go ahead with events scheduled for later in the year.

Sign-up for the arts retreat and the writers retreat is open now; these events happen in September and October, so we expect both to happen. We will, of course, send full refunds if either event can't be held.

We also expect to hold summer art lessons for kids and celebrate GospelFest later in the year.
But during the current bans on gatherings, Inspiration Alcona has suspended or postponed its current programming.

We expect to resume service as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Because the current programs take place at either Alcona Community Schools or the Alcona County Library, we cannot restart until those venues are open to gatherings again. This website and our Facebook page will announce progress.

During the summer