2020 ADA compliance note

Inspiration Alcona (IA) owns no buildings and so has no control over the degree of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act at any venue it uses.

But IA supports the goals of ADA and so holds its various programs in buildings that are compliant with ADA or, in some cases, in the portion of a building that is fully accessible.

In 2020 four of the six buildings IA uses are the Alcona Community Schools, Alcona County Library, Lincoln EMS Station and the Dockside Café, all of which are fully compliant with ADA. The first three were built after the ADA went into effect; the café is in an older building but consists of one open room with no barriers and an accessible restroom.

The fifth venue, Lost Lake Woods Club lodge, was built in 1949 but has been updated to meet ADA standards as a public accommodation. The main entrance includes a ramp for wheelchair users; an elevator connects all but one meeting room and all guest rooms; touch controls for participants are at accessible heights; compliant restrooms are on each floor, etc. One meeting room is five steps down from the rest of its floor, but a ramp is available to be installed when needed.

The Lincoln Senior Center, the sixth venue, is the oldest building IA uses. Because the multistory building lacks an elevator, it is not fully ADA compliant. However, the Grand Art program held in that building uses only the lower floor, which is compliant, with suitable entry, accessible restrooms, etc. That level is routinely used by the center to serve dinner five nights a week to senior citizens. The Grand Art sessions are held in the dining room before dinner once a week.

Two programs often offered are held outside.

Each summer, the Dockside Jams open mic night moves from the café to a lawn above Harrisville harbor. The lawn for listeners is readily accessible from the nearby parking lot; even wheelchair users without the ability to navigate the lawn can listen by sitting at the edge of the adjacent paved area. The small pavilion in which musicians play has a smooth concrete floor and plenty of room between the posts that support the roof. ADA-compliant restrooms are available at the site.

The Alcona Arts Retreat frequently offers plein air painting. But because many of our older participants have some degree of difficulty walking, this program uses sites close to and readily accessible from parking lots, rather than making people hike through the woods. In fact, on two separate occasions in the past, this workshop has enrolled artists who used a motorized scooter to get around. In the same spirit, the plein air sites are chosen with restroom access in mind. In some years this workshop is titled “Parking Lot Plein Air” to emphasize its accessibility to the many potential participants not able or comfortable with significant hikes.

A notice that people with disabilities are welcome to all of the IA programs is on the front page of the IA website.

IA has no employees, and so no disabled employees. We hire contract workers (generally our artists, teachers and speakers) without discrimination. 

The committee preparing this note consisted of Will St. John, Laura Frawley and Judith St. John.