Ukulele Workshop

1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Alcona EMS Building
2600 East M-72,
just south of Lincoln

Michigan's ukulele ambassador, Ben Hassenger, plays with the Ukulele Kings and is cofounder of the Lansing Area Ukulele Group, the Mighty Uke Day festival, Interlochen's Uketoberfest and the Midwest Uke Camp in Olivet, Michigan. He teaches ukulele workshops regularly.

Ben also plays guitar in the Blue Jello band and writes songs about dogs, love, Michigan and other important topics.

Ben's first lesson, "Become One with the Strum," teaches a variety of techniques including strums suitable for folk, rock, reggae, polka, ska and calypso as well as his own Benstrum.

The second lesson of the day, "Playing Well with Others," teaches how to use strums and chords that complement what others in an ensemble, big or small, are doing.

Paying by check: Write "Ukulele Workshop," your name and address, your phone and your email on a piece of paper, write a check to Inspiration Alcona for $25, and pop the paper and the check in the mail to Inspiration Alcona, PO Box 506, Lincoln, MI 48742. 

Paying through PayPal: If you'd like to use Paypal or charge with a credit card through PayPal, click the Buy Now button. 

What happens next: We'll put you on the list of students and send you a confirmation by email (or snail mail if we don't have your email address). If the class should fill beyond its limit, we'll refund your money and put you on the waiting list. If you later get in when someone else drops out, you can pay at the event.

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