2016 Michigan Songwriters Concert

April 2, 2016
Alcona County Library

Kitty Donohoe
John D. Lamb
Jim Bizer
Laura Frawley
All four singers performed as a group, as well as individually.
Kitty Donohoe brought songs she often sings at Ann Arbor's Ark.
John D. Lamb sang his iconic Michigan tune "Look Out for Deer."
Jim Bizer's songs and talk showed his comedic talents.
Laura Frawley sang several of her own compositions.

Four talented Michigan songwriters entertained an audience of 29 on the evening of April 2, 2016, despite a late, heavy snowfall that kept many people off the roads.

Kitty Donohoe of Ann Arbor, Jim Bizer of Detroit, John D. Lamb of Royal Oak and local favorite Laura Frawley of Hubbard Lake played original songs in a round-robin format.

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