Film Events

Third Friday of Each Month
Alcona County Library

Each month Inspiration Alcona and the Alcona County Library jointly sponsor the showing of a classic movie. This event is free, and it comes with free popcorn and free soda, too.

Most of the films we show are on the American Film Institute's Top 100 Movies list, but some are selected from other sources.

The terms under which the library shows these movies prohibits actually naming the film beyond the library or its own web presence, so you won't find the names here or in ads. But we try to give big hints, naming stars, directors and plot points.

To learn the title of next month's film, call the library at 989-724-6796 or visit the library's website, and click on "Programs."

In January, a preview of the Thunder Bay International Film Festival is shown. This festival, sponsored by the Friends of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, shows documentaries about water-related subjects, from shipwrecks to conservation.
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