Classic Movie Night

Third Friday of Each Month
Alcona County Library

Free movie, free popcorn, free beverages

Come see a great movie on the third Friday of every month. Curtain time is 5:45 p.m. at the Harrisville branch of the Alcona County Library, just after the library closes. Bring your friends and neighbors along for the fun.

All movies are suitable for general audiences, but younger children might want to go to the library's frequent family-friendly afternoon shows instead.

The terms under which the library shows these movies prohibits actually naming the film beyond the library or its own web presence, so you won't find the names here or in ads. But we try to give big hints, naming stars, directors and plot points. Many films come from the various lists of the American Film Institute or other honor rolls.

To learn the title of next month's film, call the library at 989-724-6796 or visit the library's website through the button below.

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