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FARM TO FORK ALCONA plans to establish Alcona County as home to a farm-to-fork movement.  We want to showcase our abundant farmlands, pure waters, plentiful fish and wild game, and clean air by providing regular locavore workshops and dinners, and small farm conferences.  Our intention is to build and sustain the economy and health of our community capitalizing on the farm-to-fork movement. 

FARM TO FORK ALCONA is a committee of Inspiration Alcona, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the idea that the friendly rural beauty of Alcona County can help us develop a new economic base through arts and cultural activities for our visitors and neighbors. Inspiration Alcona has successfully sponsored art, writing and music retreats, school programs, concerts, dances, and farm to fork culinary events for the past six years.

We hope for everyone to be involved — local farmers and residents, community leaders and volunteers, supportive Michigan businesses and entrepreneurs — all who see the vision and want to help us succeed with this compelling project.

FARM TO FORK ALCONA will provide educational workshops and dinners using local foods.  The purpose is to create a larger awareness of our farms, produce and meats, as well as opportunities for farm and food entrepreneurs.  

Our first event, a fermentation workshop and locavore dinner, was held September 30. David Klingenberger, owner of The Brinery in Ann Arbor demonstrated how to create naturally fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi from fresh produce from the garden or local farmer’s market.  Registered dietitian Judy MacNiell revealed the health benefits of probiotics created from natural fermentation.  

 is planned for February 10, 2018.  This initiative will expand our efforts to increase awareness and identify opportunities and roadblocks, putting knowledge into action. The Alcona Farm Hub Conference will promote methods to adapt the national farm-to-fork movement as a sustainable force here in Alcona.  This will be a full day conference with two keynote speakers plus breakout sessions on a variety of topics.

OUR BIG DREAM is to create for Alcona County 
•facilities for local entrepreneurs to get started;
•a home for our educational workshops;
•a year-round indoor market for vendors;
•hands-on cooking classes;
•a private event venue;
•an R&D andincubator kitchen;
•a licensed food processing center;
•research for best practices in farming,
•and a model farm-to-fork restaurant.
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