Farm to Fork Alcona

October 8, 2016
Harrisville Harbor

Chef Ben Kline prepares some of the foods before the demonstration.
This event, held at Harrisville Harbor, drew 22 people, almost as many as the space could hold.
October, of course, is harvest time for many gourds and related crops.
Chef Kline also runs an organic farm.

Alcona County is home to an impressive amount of vegetable, fruit, dairy, as well as livestock farming; equaling over $11 million in sales annually.  That’s pretty big, considering the population of the county is less than 11,000 residents.

Judy MacNeill, a registered dietitian who has spent most of her professional career in northeast Michigan and a founding board member of Inspiration Alcona, created this event with the help of Alpena chef Ben Kline. They shared some of what Alcona County has to offer in locally obtained foods and demonstrated how easy-to-prepare dishes can be created. 

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